browsholme hall tithe barn wedding photography

Browsholme Hall & The Tithe Barn Wedding Photography

Hannah & Jon choose Hannah’s home village church, St Wilfreds in Ribchester to get married on yet another super sunny day. I had picked up from our pre wedding meetings that we could be in for a particularly bright and lively day and it certainly was. They hired a ridiculously sexy red Mustang to drive between venues which matched nicely with the red uniforms of Hannah’s samba band who greeted them as they left church – loud doesn’t quite describe it. Although we were very much aiming to keep the photography very relaxed and natural we had a few opportunities to get away from the crowds and get some lovely portrait shots. I particularly enjoyed our time down at the lake at their reception venue Browsholme Hall and the Tithe Barn.  Due to the weather the guests made the most of the outdoor areas of Browsholme Hall and it provided perfect evening light for us at the lake. The samba band did a second performance at Browsholme Hall but this time Hannah joined in and I must say that a large Caixa drum and a wedding dress look surprising good together! Jon was brave enough to pilot the row boat on Browsholme’s lake after the drumming and the contrast between a samba band in full swing and the tranqullity of a private lake is quite something.

Matt James provided fantastic music in to the evening and Browsholme’s new pizza oven was fired up for the evening guests…. yes I stayed for pizza.

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